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Final Project's Final Post

2 min read

Hello, World!

This is my final post about the Final Project: A Sudoku game.

At the beginnig, I was very nervous about it, because I thought it would be very difficult. But, while we were working on it, I realize it wasn't that hard and from this point, it just go easy.

One of the things I liked most, is working with Aurora, because she is a close friend and I know this is not her strong area, but even though that, she did her best to carry out the project. I'm proud of being her partner.

About the poject itself, I enjoy making it. It felt pleased to realize that I can do a programm to solve almost every problem or activity that I find in my life, from simple logic games to machines working programms. Also, after taking this class, I enjoy every time I think how work a machine or a software and I can answer that whit a code in C++. It's very satisfying.

In conclussion, this project was very exciting and I enjoy a lot making it. 

Here is the code to the final version of the the programm. Enjoy it:

BONUS - My experience at a Flippclass

1 min read

Hey everybody! This post is a little bit different than others. In this video I talk about my experience in a Flipp Class and some suggestions to be succesful whit this new method af learning. I enjoyed this class a lot, even if at the beginning I didn't like this type of "teaching".

Anyways, I very happy with my experience and I hope to find another classes like this one!

M25 - Creation and use of strings in C++

1 min read


In this post I just show that I know how to use strings. 

(It's my last mastery point , so I'm really excited)

I learn all abpout vectos in these links, so I hope it can help you to:

You can see my full code here:


M24 - Creation and use of arrays in C++

1 min read

Hey everybody! In this Mastery post I just show that I know how to create and use arrays.

You can see the full code here:

M18 - Nesting of conditional statements

1 min read

Hey everybody! In this video I talk about how to nest different conditionals to acomplish a process or validate some answers. I hope you enjoy it!

M13 - Importing and using C++ libraries

1 min read

Hey everybody! In this post I will talk about importing local and generic libraries to your code, supporting me on my  and .

I hope you enjoy it!

M27 - Validated user input in C++

1 min read

Hey everybody!

In this time I will show you how to validate user input and why you should do it in your codes. I hope you enjoy it!

M08 - C++ Coding Conventios

1 min read

Hey everybody!

In this post, we will talk about coding conventions: a bunch of (breakable) rules to write the best code you can write.

I found this page, with some of them and I found it very interesting. I hope you enjoy both!

WSQ17 -- SciLab

1 min read

Hey everybody! 

This is the last WSQ post of this course. Tonight I will talk about SciLab: a mathemathical enviroment created to make calculations, programs, functions an plots. 

It's very entretaining, and I spent a lot of time playing around whit functions, plots and vector's math.

I highly recommend it because it's very simple to use it and work with our problems, and you can do a lot of things that you could find usefull.

Here is the link to download the programm:

And the link to read the tutorial (it's a 33 pages PDF, but you can read it quickly):

Enjoy it and good luck in your exams!