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M13 - Importing and using C++ libraries

1 min read

Hey everybody! In this post I will talk about importing local and generic libraries to your code, supporting me on my  and .

I hope you enjoy it!

WSQ17 -- SciLab

1 min read

Hey everybody! 

This is the last WSQ post of this course. Tonight I will talk about SciLab: a mathemathical enviroment created to make calculations, programs, functions an plots. 

It's very entretaining, and I spent a lot of time playing around whit functions, plots and vector's math.

I highly recommend it because it's very simple to use it and work with our problems, and you can do a lot of things that you could find usefull.

Here is the link to download the programm:

And the link to read the tutorial (it's a 33 pages PDF, but you can read it quickly):

Enjoy it and good luck in your exams!

WSQ16 -- Cars

1 min read

Hey everybody! 

This code have somethingh funny. I couldn't compile it in my laptop, but Ken could, so I hope you can too.

WSQ15 -- Final Dash

1 min read

Hey everybody!

We are at only two and half weeks for the end of the semester and I need to scheduling my work of this class appropiately.

I still need 21 masteries point, so I will correct a lot of videos and record new ones to, at least, earn other 10 points, leaving the rest for the next week. 

About WSQ, I will do the each one the day (or the next day) that it apears. 

Wish me luck and success to do it and finish this semester perfectly!!!!

WSQ14 - Calculate e

1 min read

Hey everybody! In this time, we wrote a code to calculate Euler's constant or e number. That part was simple, the problem came when we need to stop the programm when we have the precision (decimal point numbers) that we required. To acomplishied that, we use a function called floor which we take from here

Anyway, here is the link to my code. Enjoy it!

WSQ13 - Babylonian Method

1 min read

Hey everybody!!!

Today I wrote a programm which calculates the square root of a number using a computing method called BABYLONIAN. It's very simple, and you can learn how it works on Wikipedia.

On my code, I put a cout line to see how is it working, but you can just delete it if you want. Enjoy it!

WSQ12 - Greatest common Divisor

1 min read

Hey everybody!

Here is the code of WSQ13, A Gratest Common Divisor programm. This is the first post after Spring Break vacations, so I will post a lots of things on this day. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to my code:

WSQ11 - YoSoy196

1 min read

Hey everybody!!

This time we wrote a great code. it's the longest code I've written: 98 code lines!!

Here is the link tho the code:

Enjoy it!!

WSQ09 - Factorial

1 min read

Hello everybody!

In this time, we wrote a code to calculate de factorial of a number. The funny thing is that I wrote a SUPER-ULTRA-COMPLICATED-CODE, then I learn to do this simply.

Here are the initial code that I wrote, the easy recursive way to do it and the easy loop way to do it 

Enjoy it.

WSQ10 - Lists

1 min read

Hello everybody! In this blog we have done a list and worked with array for the first time. 

Here is the link to my code

I used to help me understanding this topic

I hope you enjoy it!