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Final Project's Final Post

2 min read

Hello, World!

This is my final post about the Final Project: A Sudoku game.

At the beginnig, I was very nervous about it, because I thought it would be very difficult. But, while we were working on it, I realize it wasn't that hard and from this point, it just go easy.

One of the things I liked most, is working with Aurora, because she is a close friend and I know this is not her strong area, but even though that, she did her best to carry out the project. I'm proud of being her partner.

About the poject itself, I enjoy making it. It felt pleased to realize that I can do a programm to solve almost every problem or activity that I find in my life, from simple logic games to machines working programms. Also, after taking this class, I enjoy every time I think how work a machine or a software and I can answer that whit a code in C++. It's very satisfying.

In conclussion, this project was very exciting and I enjoy a lot making it. 

Here is the code to the final version of the the programm. Enjoy it: