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About me

1 min read

In this post I will talk about me .

My name is Juan Pablo Santana. I'm studying Administrative Mechanical Engineering at Tec de Monterrey. I chose to study that degree because I hope when I graduate I can work to develope any Green Energy Machine and help to save the enviroment in that way.

One of my favorite hobbies is read. I loved to read The Count of Monte Cristo from AlexandreDumas.

I have practiced a lot of sports (soccer, basketball, voleyball, tennis, swimming, running), but I can't choose any favorite.

I love my girlfriend and I hope to learn a lot in this course!

See you ;)


On to Functions

1 min read

Hello everybody!

This week, we are starting to create and use functions. It's an easier way to solve a problem and write a code in which we are going to use the same function many times. 

One of the important things about creating a funtion is to give the function any variables that you will chang for the integers the user provide. So, doesn't matter the name of those variables.

Here is the link to my code:

Enjoy it!

Sum of numbers

1 min read

Today's program make a sum of all the numbers between a lower bound and a higher bound that the users will provide. The trick in all of this code is that we are using five variables to make the summatory, and is very helpfull to use clear variables' names.

Here is a screenshot of my code and a link to it. Enjoy it!

Sum of numbers.cpp


Pick a number

1 min read

Hey everybody!

This time we learned to use loops, counters and random values. Some of the things that were difficult to me was using a seed for a random value, because we need to write a lot lines only to use the seed. 

You must put attention to the counter, to check if is making a right counting. If not, you could make an off-by-one error.

By the end, this code was interesting to write and I enjoyed writing it. Here is a screenshot of the code and a link to itself.

Pick a number.cpp

WSQ05 - Temperture

1 min read

Today we write a code that take a Fareheit temperature and converts it to Celsius degrees. Also, the code tells you how is the water at that temperature: Frozen, freezing, liquid, boiling or steam.

I'm actually enjoying wriing my own codes and I hope to learn more stuff about programming.

Here is a screenshot of my code and a link to it, enjoy it! 


Fun with numbers

1 min read

In this post we learned to write a code that includes basic math functions, like +, -, /, * and %.
To learn this I use I highly recommend it because the videos they show helps you to understand the subject you are looking for. Her is the link to make your own account:

REMEMBER: You must create your account inside campus. This way you won't pay anything.

Here is a link with my code:

Enjoy it!

Get ready ++

1 min read

To set up your C++ enviroment on Windows, you must install 2 important thing: an editor and a compiler.

I had install Sublime as editor, and Cygwin as compiler (also I had to install g++ and make).

Here are the links to download Sublime and Cygwin:



Enjoy it!

Flipped, what?

1 min read

A Flipped Classroom consist on change the work times in class. If you learn something in class time and practice it in home, now you will learn in your home and practice it in class, with your teacher's help to answer any question you have.
Actually, I'm not enjoying this Class mode, because I'm used to traditional class mode, but I hope I can find my own path to work with this new thing.